@positivelywhitney @positivelywhitney 28 February, 2019

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Good morning friends! ☀️ I just want to remind you that you’re doing a great job.

We so often play the comparison game here on social media and feel like we aren’t enough. But the only person you ever should be comparing yourself to is...yourself. Look at where you are now compared to where you started - be it in your business, a health journey, or whatever you are trying to achieve or grow in. Celebrate your progress, even if it’s slow. Progress over perfection. If you feel like you haven’t made much progress yet, congratulate yourself for trying and for having a goal. All good things take time. You got this. ❤️
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@madisonmasseyphotography: Yes!!! Needed this to see this today🤗
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@katelynandjason: Always looking for new letterboard quotes, 👊🏻 love this
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@pambam.fit: Love this ! Progress is my word for 2019 😏🙌🏽
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@the_honey_seeking_mom: 🙌🙌 Love this! Slow progress, is still progress!
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@joyfulhomeandheart: Love this! Great reminder 💕
@lizziehall25: Yes!! Progress over perfection any day of the week ❤️🙌🏼
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Plz check out my healing art collection.😊🎨✨ Have a gorgeous Week ❤️🙌🏼

@kaychristineboose: 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Thanks for the reminder, haven’t been feeling so great since my kids haven’t been able to get over this crap going around. So I haven’t been been very active on here! But I have to remind myself it’s ok!
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@taylor_mcqueen_byrd: @megbyrd._
@theheartofahippieblog: It’s so hard not to compare
@valerie.dailing: Love this! Told myself this today actually. Positive affirmations to help myself keep pushing forward
@thatdidntgoaccordingtoplan: So true!
@kelseyhardin: I love this! Happy Friday!
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@caillier.tribe_nevada: Going to change my letter board now! 😍
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