@sabrinaendsley @sabrinaendsley 17 February, 2020

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who knew the back of a grocery store would make such a cute backdrop?
happy sunday y’all! coley and i have spent the whole morning doing chores, grocery shopping, and planning our spring break trip wooo! in four weeks we’re going to be trying to do most of north carolina in a week so wish us luck. from asheville, to high point, to chapel hill, to raleigh, to charlotte, and back to asheville all in seven days. i’m SO excited and possibly want to plan a charlotte blogger lunch? let me know who would be down for that bc i would!
ANYWAY new blog post is up courtesy of a guest writer, @imsweatyandiknowit ! the queen of fitness herself talks all about truly eating clean. click the link in my bio to read all about it!

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@timeofdre: Nailed it! Isn’t it fun scouting out crazy places to shoot?
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