@kendalljenner @kendalljenner 23 January, 2020

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we both use @moon 😁 #moon_partner

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@pavaoadriane: Beautiful couple 😊
@rizqi_feb15: @zntclaretha
@christinarice__: @olivia_thorburn1 like bruh
@ms.weronikaczapp: @brawo_artur Damp?
@thereallostsoul: It's great seeing you smile the way you truly deserve. I remember a while back you posted a pic in a black and white polka dot dress and I knew what you were feeling now that missing piece of you seems to be fixed
@wellreh: iki opo yank e @kayana_cake ?
@didintle.jpeg: @_boitumelo.c
@llurazalina: 😍😍
@estelle_guevara26: @alyna.cz
@ssaraferraz: Ta namorando ta namorando
@zohaiibsaleem: 😍
@ravi_fullarram_yadav: Perfectly made for each other
@indi___go: Ты в Питере?
@telectric_city1985: Official news here doughnuts 🍩
@its_mmac: @alis24lezma 🔥😍
@caitlinmcrews: date
@carlos.polania.585: Diana
@ndndndb_: френдзона чек
@elvin_rzaev___: это могли бы быть мы с тобой,но ты не отвечаешь мне взаимностью((
@oraspring: 🧚🏻‍♀️✨🧚🏻‍♀️
@cleiton_prado_: #followme #f4f
@nolachic22: He is hot!!!! Y’all look good together!
@21s.hamyy_: Smiles
@_shanellsimmister: Lb